Papers and Presentations

Integrating Google Apps for Education into Open Directory

This is a guide I’ve put together on using Open Directory user names & passwords into a Google Apps for Education Deployment.  Provisioning users from OD into Google Apps is covered, as well as configuring a SAML Identity Provider to allow for Web-based Single Sign on.

Download the integration guide here.

Recovering a mySQL database from a machine that won’t fully boot

Not the most fun item to work on, but since our vendor didn’t have any documentation on recovering the data, here is what I did.  The OS X Server would not boot to the login window since the root user could not be found.  Everything else worked.  So, a new server was built, system installed, and this is what was done to get the database off the other machine.

Guide on getting mysql database back

Internet Safety at Home

This is a presentation delivered on 02/23/2009 for the District 30 Tech Expo.  In it, a brief overview of how to keep your home computer and networking secure, important data backed up, and your identity secure.  Links are also provided at the end for resources on the topics.

Home Computer Safety presentation


This is a presentation aimed as a primer on what can be done with scripting and various examples.

Scripting Presentation Download

Nagios & Cacti

Here is a short presentation I put together on comparing Cacti & Nagios for open source monitoring and reporting of network devices.

Nagios & Cacti Presentation Download


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6 02 2009
Scripting Presentation « Technology in Education Geekery

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16 03 2009
Getting back mySQL Data « Technology in Education Geekery

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10 06 2009

Thanks for the Integrating Google Apps for Education into Open Directory paper. I have been tasked with modifying an Xserve 10.5.4 Open Directory environment. It currently is a very basic user authentication service that needs to have the eduperson and calstateEduPerson schemas added. Over the last six months I have repeatedly tried and failed to do so. Would you have any documentation on doing this and if so would you please send it to me? I have used several documents and books but they are mainly for a vanilla LDAP/OpenLDAP environment.

11 06 2009

Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment. When trying to import the schema file, are you importing the one that is a copy from the educase website? Think you could email me the more basic eduperson file you are using?

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