Managed Preferences + HTTPS redirects

18 02 2010

I’ve been using Managed Preferences in OS X Server to manage our student computers.  Many of the settings are in place to help protect students and keep them on task.  One newer item within Managed Preferences pertains to the ability to control Family / Parental controls.  It would seem like a good idea to leverage some of these settings to further keep objectionable content, as outlined in our AUP, from reaching students.  While using these, I ran into an issue where pages were not redirecting properly with HTTPS traffic for students in a managed workgroup.  Once changing these settings, all worked well.  So, what were the changes?

In the preference domain:

Change the following keys:

restrictWeb to false

useContentFilter to false

Once those changes were applied by a user re-logging in, all was happy.


Your Windows computer doesn’t go to standby

20 11 2009

The only reason I am posting this one is out of sheer annoyance.  I recently upgraded my home PC to Windows 7.  It’s been really good so far.  But, the problem I was having pertained to putting the computer into suspend mode.  Everything shuts down; the monitor, hard drives, USB device turns off, but still the fans and power supply keep doing their thing.

What I found is the energy settings reset and the computer more or less forgot the sleep states it can use (For more info on the sleep states, see this document: System Sleeping States.  Microsoft has a tool available dumppro.exe that will let you display and set your sleepstates by hand.  This can be useful if the computer does not detect all the settings.  To download this tool, save the following file:

dumppro.exe admin This command will display your sleep and power settings.

dumppro.exe admin /ac minsleep=s3 This command sets your minimum sleep level to s3.
By setting your computers ac profile minimum sleep setting to s3, when putting your computer to sleep the power settings of an s3 state (explained in the microsoft link above) will apply.  Once I ran that command, the standby setting worked great.  No fans, no power supply, significant power savings, and a fast wake-to-use time

Getting back mySQL Data

16 03 2009

We had a box crash and it wouldn’t boot to a GUI, so using a few CLI tools and a lot of internet research, found a way to get to mysql via the commandline and dump out the data.  Read about it at Papers and Presentations

System Image Utility on 10.5.6 & Aluminum iMacs

13 02 2009

Wrote up a short fix for the problem I found with the 10.5.6 SIU not putting in a key to allow an Aluminum iMac to boot from a NetInstall Image with model filtering on.  You can find it in the Snippets Section.