Broken Ankle – Post #1

15 03 2010

In case you missed it, I broke my ankle on March 10th while playing hockey.  I’m normally playing left wing, and was racing in the zone with my right wing who had the puck poke-checked away.  It was still in our zone on the right side near the blue line, so I raced over for the keep-in since the other players were back in the neutral zone.

I was heading in perpendicular to the boards and about 5ft out I began to stop.  Trouble emerged when the D trying to go for the puck accidentally got their blade under my left skate.  This killed the resistance on the ice from my skate and shot my left skate toward the boards while my stance was still in the “stopping” crouch.  Because of that, my balance got thrown off backwards away from the boards, but my skate was still pinned against the boards as I fell back.

As soon as I hit the ice, I knew something wasn’t right, and I initially thought it was a sprain since I felt something in my left stretch out.  My teammates helped me off the ice to the bench.  About two minutes after sitting and swearing a few times, I walked to the locker room … SLOWLY.  I think it took me about three min to get 200 ft.  Unlaced skate, and luckily, I had some wrap in my bag, so I put that on and went home.  While home I iced it about 20 min on and off for 2 hours, elevated and went to bed.

Thursday morning came around and with nothing different, and slated to be out of town playing hockey in Columbus, OH for the weekend (I still went, but was sidelined) figured I would get it checked out.  Sure enough, after the trip to the ER, I came back with a nice looking x-ray and a fractured left fibula.

So, it is Monday now following the injury and have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on    Wednesday.  I’ll get some more info at that time on recovery, but being active and relatively self-sufficient, I can’t tell you how much this puts a damper on just day-to-day activities; like getting a cup of coffee.

I’ll try and post some updates here and there, but I’d love to hear from you if you have a story to share, questions, or just words of encouragement.

Thanks for reading!



28 02 2009

Vacation Update – I went out to spend some time with friends in the Denver area Wed night – Sunday evening.  My two friends out here are one the mountains every weekend more or less snowboarding.  For a while, they have told me I need to give it a try … well, I did!

First off, it is a bit more difficult than it looks.  Though, that is about the same for just about any sport or activity.  Well, except for Bingo.  But anyways … I we went out to Keystone on Friday and I got my ticket to do the riding school.  This worked out well since it gave me the chance to learn things, and for my friends, a way that they could enjoy the snow and not have a newbie like me slowing them down.  (I made the analogy of an adult babysitter)

Needless to say, it was quite the challenge, and had a good amount of falls, all while going not too fast, but walked away learning a few basics and something else I can say that I have done.  It was a great time, and VERY tiring.  I’ll have some pics up later next week.

Thanks Mike & Aaron!

Thoughts on playing hockey

19 02 2009

This may be one of those areas where you may think, in the words of Gary Coleman, “whatcha talkin’ bout willis?”

A geek on ice?  Well, it is true!  I had a few friends convince me to try it out, and I’ve run with it since.  I can honestly say that it is one of the few sports out there that really relies on skill versus only strength.  You can be big and strong, but without the agility to move around, the vision to understand plays and positioning, and the control to put a 1″ thick, 3″ diameter, 5.5 -6oz piece of rubber into a tiny corner of the net, you won’t do well.

I’ve been skating on and off for about 10 years, mainly getting balance working on footwork, etc.  Since hopping on the ice in July to learn the basics and working hard, I’ve been able to move up and see my skill grow.  Additionally, by playing with people who are around the same level as me, I’ve managed to not get frustrated but to also improve.

I’ll try to see if I can get some pics up here one day to show you what it looks like.  It is a sport that you can’t just get up and play like flag football or softball.  There are many things going on at the same time and each plays an important part in the game process.

All I know is hockey is a blast, and something I would have never seen myself playing 3-4 years ago.  But, you get some spare time, a challenge and some gentle egging on by friends, and suddenly you find yourself on the ice Monday nights at 10:45pm.  After the game and leaving the rink, getting home at 1:00am, it makes for quote the interesting Tuesday!

First hockey night

29 01 2009

Monday night was the first hockey night of the new league.  A 10:45pM game on Monday night is TOUGH, especially when you follow it up with a day of work and class.  All and all, it was a fun night.  We ended up with a 5-5 tie and I get credit for putting a goal in. 🙂