Looking ahead to MacWorld

2 02 2010

As I glanced out my window here at work and watched the snow tumble from the sky, I couldn’t help but think how nice it will be to be in San Francisco in a week.  Then it hit me; this is a conference where I’m not only consuming techie-tidbits, but creating and disseminating these same über-techie bits of information.  The conference is MacWorld.  The topic is Enterprise Mac Integration.  As I imagine co-presenting a two-day session on this topic, I’m met with excitement, anxiety, and privilege.

Excitement is there because I’m going to be presenting.  Framing knowledge in a way to disseminate to others, and being looked at as a subject-matter expert is exciting.  If you have ever had that moment at work where you get show off a technology, or be the go-to person on a topic you care about, you know the feeling.  People are looking at you for the answer.  Not only am I excited about actually presenting at this conference, but also taking an active role in helping individuals acquire knowledge.  Likewise, there will be other sessions where I’ll be able to learn from experts and hear an alternative view on a topic I work with.  The best ideas come from a blending of real-world application knowledge with other’s general abstractions you can bend and apply to real situations.

A sense of anxiety is present as well.  When talking to 30-40 people on a topic where you are the expert, expectations need to be met so attendees walk away with a positive experience.  There also is the fact that when presenting, you are not “The school tech guy” but you are there as yourself, representing your tech image to others.  The last thing one wants to do is let people down and leave a conference where someone remembers you as “That guy from the session was not a really good speaker”

Finally, is the aspect of privilege.  Being given the chance at a conference such as MacWorld to be included as a speaker is awesome .  When you look at all the expertise from mailing lists, tech writers, and other professionals, being called upon is, simply, an honor.  Frame it this way, of all the Mac professionals out there, you were chosen!

I’m looking forward to what the week will bring as far as networking, presentation experience, and learning.  Look for a reflection entry in the coming weeks!




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