Google Apps and Open Directory Integration

27 04 2009

A guide on how to integrate Open Directory with Google Apps has been published.  Find out how to use your existing Open Directory accounts in Google Apps, as well as setting up a web-based frontend for Single Sign on.

To view it, check out Papers and Presentations.


A Windows Mobile phonebook replacement

15 04 2009

I’ve recently plunged into the world of getting a new phone.  Bye bye to the Motorola e815 and hello to the Samsung Omnia i910.  One of the biggest issues I was having was getting organized and actually using / leveraging the phone book.  The built-in one was a bit slow and the Windows provided one, well, is Windows-esq.

I did some digging on the internet and found a few replacements, and so far my favorite has been PhonEX from  When looking at all of the features out there, this has picked some of the nice aspects from the iPhone and made them available to Windows Mobile.  Once nice thing about the dial-pad on this application is how big and finger-friendly it is.  You really don’t need to worry about hitting the wrong key, and the letters corresponding to each key (ABC on 2, DEF on 3, etc) are easy to see.

Another area I have found this app great has been with the GUI responsiveness.  The phone itself is touchscreen and kinetic scrolling is present, and works really well.  What does that mean?  Well, if I flick my finger slow down the screen, my contacts scroll slowly.  If I flick my finger fast, the contacts move quickly.  With that though, the contacts are not too big, not too small.  It is easy to read ones name.

Also, there is some great filtering built-in with the ability to add categories and specific ringtones to categories.  A nice way to quickly hear who is calling.

There also is some nice call history built in.  Rather than getting a giant scrolling list of every call you receive, they are grouped and you can select a number to see the history of that contact calling you.  I find this a great way to reduce the clutter normally existing in the “call history” setup, especially when looking at other phones I have had.

Finally, editing and working with a contact is done in an easy to use manner in this application.  When wanting to change a ringtone, image or edit contact information, it is easy to get to, and again, easy to use with a finger navigation.

Take a look for yourself … you can get a 15-day Demo at