28 02 2009

Vacation Update – I went out to spend some time with friends in the Denver area Wed night – Sunday evening.  My two friends out here are one the mountains every weekend more or less snowboarding.  For a while, they have told me I need to give it a try … well, I did!

First off, it is a bit more difficult than it looks.  Though, that is about the same for just about any sport or activity.  Well, except for Bingo.  But anyways … I we went out to Keystone on Friday and I got my ticket to do the riding school.  This worked out well since it gave me the chance to learn things, and for my friends, a way that they could enjoy the snow and not have a newbie like me slowing them down.  (I made the analogy of an adult babysitter)

Needless to say, it was quite the challenge, and had a good amount of falls, all while going not too fast, but walked away learning a few basics and something else I can say that I have done.  It was a great time, and VERY tiring.  I’ll have some pics up later next week.

Thanks Mike & Aaron!


Internet Safety at home

24 02 2009

Find a few slides on some basics (presented to community parents) on Internet Safety.

It lives in the Papers and Presentation section.

Thoughts on playing hockey

19 02 2009

This may be one of those areas where you may think, in the words of Gary Coleman, “whatcha talkin’ bout willis?”

A geek on ice?  Well, it is true!  I had a few friends convince me to try it out, and I’ve run with it since.  I can honestly say that it is one of the few sports out there that really relies on skill versus only strength.  You can be big and strong, but without the agility to move around, the vision to understand plays and positioning, and the control to put a 1″ thick, 3″ diameter, 5.5 -6oz piece of rubber into a tiny corner of the net, you won’t do well.

I’ve been skating on and off for about 10 years, mainly getting balance working on footwork, etc.  Since hopping on the ice in July to learn the basics and working hard, I’ve been able to move up and see my skill grow.  Additionally, by playing with people who are around the same level as me, I’ve managed to not get frustrated but to also improve.

I’ll try to see if I can get some pics up here one day to show you what it looks like.  It is a sport that you can’t just get up and play like flag football or softball.  There are many things going on at the same time and each plays an important part in the game process.

All I know is hockey is a blast, and something I would have never seen myself playing 3-4 years ago.  But, you get some spare time, a challenge and some gentle egging on by friends, and suddenly you find yourself on the ice Monday nights at 10:45pm.  After the game and leaving the rink, getting home at 1:00am, it makes for quote the interesting Tuesday!

Talking about a SAN

16 02 2009

This is a writeup on what I’ve progressed through with the SAN purchase implemented this summer at my school district.  I briefly talk about the need, hardware selected, software, network setup and some thoughts to consider if you are in the same boat.

Read about it in inSANity, revealed

System Image Utility on 10.5.6 & Aluminum iMacs

13 02 2009

Wrote up a short fix for the problem I found with the 10.5.6 SIU not putting in a key to allow an Aluminum iMac to boot from a NetInstall Image with model filtering on.  You can find it in the Snippets Section.

Scripting Presentation

6 02 2009

I’ve posed a presentation on Scripting.  It is located in the Papers and Presentations section. Hopefully it will provide useful information.