Nagios & Cacti presentation uploaded

30 01 2009

You can now find a copy of a presentation I delivered to the OS X Usergroup on using these two open source tools to monitor and report on your network / network devices.

It is located in the Papers and Presentations section.


First hockey night

29 01 2009

Monday night was the first hockey night of the new league.  A 10:45pM game on Monday night is TOUGH, especially when you follow it up with a day of work and class.  All and all, it was a fun night.  We ended up with a 5-5 tie and I get credit for putting a goal in. 🙂


29 01 2009

First off, let me say thank you for taking the time to find my page.  The purpose of this site, at least in my minds eye, is to create an area where I can share ideas, tips, and knowledge with others who may find it beneficial.  Along those lines, I would also be glad to hear what you have to say and learn from others.  By creating a collaborative environment, all individuals participating may be able to broaden their knowledge on specific areas.

While most of the experience I have had is in the technical arena, I’ve been able to be exposed over the last few years to more aspects of technology in education beyond the nuts and bolts.

So with that, happy browsing.